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NMCC staff and advisers come from careers in both public and private sectors.  They understand the needs and concerns of both and its this understanding which sets NMCC apart.  We work closely with entrepreneurs to develop capacity in the following ways:

  • Financial review and structuring
  • Advising on financing sources and structuring
  • Review of appraisals, cost assumptions, capital budgets, operating statements, marketing data and funding commitments
  • Advanced due diligence
  • Negotiating with investors, lenders and developers
  • Market analysis
  • Advising on regulatory and administrative issues


Our goal is to provide the skills and knowledge to achieve accelerated growth and greater stability.  These services are delivered by successful senior management-level business executives.

Since inception we have assisted hundreds of New Mexico businesses. Our proven track record reflects our methodology of carefully assessing needs and accurately defining objectives followed by a clear design and development process. Client involvement from start to finish is an absolute necessity.  While we subsidize the cost of the services we provide through grants, we ask our clients to pay a reasonable, mutually agreeable amount.  Because of IMPACT-NM’s commitment to quality and to building lasting value, we are able to provide expertise and knowledge that truly serves the needs of each client.