Employing a unique approach to creating value through Knowledge + Capital, NMCC provides early and expansion-stage equity capital and capacity-building development services to support business growth in New Mexico’s Native communities through our Tribal Business Initiative.

Our organizational evolution is rooted in the basic principles of our mission:

“…As a respected investor, advisor and facilitator, our goal is to help advance the next generation of great New Mexico companies and entrepreneurs.”

To remain true to this mission, innovation in developing more effective approaches to serve our stakeholders is paramount.  In talking with tribal government and business leaders, the need for capacity-building services focused on tribal business development and expansion became apparent.  We see tremendous unrealized value and potential in our Native communities. To the extent we can enhance and support tribal business development, we are focused on developing and implementing relevant value-added services and capital delivery mechanisms.

Uniquely Positioned

NMCC is uniquely positioned to play a supporting role in tribal business advancement for three primary reasons: 1. Experience. We have over 70 years combined experience in venture capital, management of high-growth businesses, and strategic business consulting.  2. Familiarity.  We are familiar with the challenges and opportunities that face Indian Country. 3. Long-term perspective.  We recognize the singular application of Capital or Knowledge alone can generate sustainable value in emerging markets. We take a complementary Knowledge + Capital approach to both the investments we make and the clients we serve to ensure the groundwork for long-term success and value-creation is in place.

As a result, we launched the Tribal Business Initiative under the NMCC umbrella to develop both an investment model and a more focused effort to serve the pueblos and tribes in New Mexico.