Through our experience, familiarity, and long-term perspective we have tailored our successful strategic business services to provide the maximum value to our tribal enterprise partners and clients.

Tribal Business Development We have created and are employing a mechanism for experienced tribes to partner with us and to identify and ultimately acquire or create quality, sustainable businesses that meet their strategic needs and then manage the businesses effectively for economic growth.

Business Analysis and Evaluation We assist tribes with the due diligence process on the many potential business development opportunities they encounter.  Assistance varies from establishment of evaluation processes to build capacity to evaluate potential business opportunities as they arise in the future, to evaluation of specific opportunities, to playing a supporting role to augment existing resources.

Tribal Enterprise Summits – We recognize there is a healthy balance between Tribally-driven and individual entrepreneur-driven enterprises within thriving Native communities.  We believe NMCC is well-positioned to focus our efforts on the Tribally-driven enterprises, where the potential for scale and economic impact across the community is tremendous.  As a result, we look for opportunities to convene educational summits focused on Tribally-owned enterprise development and growth for leadership in Tribal government and Tribally-owned enterprises.