Tribal Business Investment Pilot


As an organization focused on relentless innovation, we have created and are employing a mechanism for experienced tribes to partner with us on pursuing high-growth business opportunities both on and off Tribal lands.  Through our Knowledge + Capital approach, we bring both business and investment expertise, as well as investment capital.  We have a vested interest, both philosophically and financially, for the business to succeed and thrive for the benefit of all stakeholders.

• NMCC is uniquely positioned to bridge venture capital with Indian Country to support the creation/expansion of high-growth, sustainable, tribally-owned business enterprises.

• Complementary with NMCC’s focus on identifying and investing in high-growth businesses, we will identify opportunities that possess competitive advantages that may be augmented through this unique structure, and also fit with the long-term priorities of our partner tribes.

• NMCC has attracted financial support from both the U.S. Community Development Financial Institution Fund as well as the U.S. Economic Development Administration to develop models and best practices to extend beyond our work in New Mexico.