VF – What we do

Venture capital plays an important role in the growth stage of the innovation life cycle – the period in a company’s life when it commercializes or manufactures, markets and sells.

At NMCC, we chart trends and developments in the industries in which we focus, water, energy, healthcare and food/agriculture. When we are introduced to, or find, a company that needs growth capital and has a proprietary product that addresses a market need in one of those industries, we’re ready to get to know management and begin our background research (“due diligence”).

Venture capital is not a grant or loan. We invest in promising companies and work side-by-side with them until they reach a sufficient size and credibility.

We focus on helping the company grow rapidly and avoid the mistakes commonly made by young companies. To do this, we help management recruit additional team members, refine marketing/sales efforts, develop financial and strategic plans, make introductions to other companies and potential financiers, identify new potential Board members and help the company in any way we can. As the company grows, sales increase and it becomes more valuable. Ultimately, we work with management to sell the company to another company, to employees or register its stock to sell via an initial public offering. Our aim is to get the most money possible for all shareholders while preserving the number and quality of New Mexico jobs. This investing and growth cycle generally takes 5-7 years.

Characteristics of the businesses we are looking for:
• experienced management with deep domain expertise
• a proprietary product, that addresses a market need/problem in a large and growing market
• the company is integrally connected to building wealth and successful communities through meaningful job creation