Albuquerque-invented H2gO water purifiers hitting Walmart, REI shelves

Dan Mayfield
Albuquerque Business First

The Aqua Access H2gO water purifier, which was designed and invented in Albuquerque has hit a milestone. It is available now in REI stores, and is on its way to Walmart and other retailers, said Aqua Access CEORodney Herrington on Thursday.H2gO was designed at The BioScience Center using technology licensed from MIOX Corp., which makes industrial and municipal water systems. The technology uses salt and electricity to kill water-borne parasites.The purifiers will be on the shelves of 20 REI stores to start, including Albuquerque’s location, Herrington said.

“Two weeks ago the products were distributed to REI warehouses, and they have to deploy it to stores. It’s on its way. It’s not just REI, but Walmart and others,” Herrington said.

Last year the company signed a U.S. distributor agreement with Wisconsin Pharmacal Co. ”It’s been better than a year ago, and we’ve got product manufactured and it’s looking good, and they just ordered the second round,” Herrington said.

Wisconsin Pharmacal ordered 3,000 initially, he said, and last week ordered another 2,000 purifiers. The company is also working with a variety of non-governmental organizations and is working on its own to distribute across the globe.