RockTops makes pickin’ up Dippin’ Dots easier

Reporter- Albuquerque Business First

Albuquerque’s RockTops has signed an agreement with the national Dippin’ Dots company that will make carrying a boatload of ice cream, a hotdog, and a drink a one-handed operation, according to RockTops founder and president Randy Asselin.

On Wednesday the companies announced the agreement where Dippin’ Dots will carry and sell the entire line of three patented RockTops trays.

“I was originally looking for a better way to distribute condiments,” said Asselin.

But finding a way to give away more free condiments didn’t make much business sense, he said, and he switched to finding a way to sell more food.

The key, he said, was designing a straw and anchoring device that could hold up to 40 oz. of food.

After a short test run at the 2011 University of New Mexico football games, Asselin said, he was invited to a trade show where he met the CEO of Dippin’ Dots, Curt Jones. Almost immediately, Asselin said, the two saw the potential in the RockTops carriers.

“RockTops and Dippin’ Dots serve the same customer base, so it makes sense for us to work together,” Jones said in a news release. “The agreement gives Dippin’ Dots customers in the amusement and food service industries access to RockTops’ innovative food carriers. And, perhaps most importantly, RockTops carriers are ideal for Dippin’ Dots consumers since they remove the juggling aspect of managing multiple foods and beverages in a busy park or theater setting.”